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The Solution that could have Prepared China against Tropical Storm Lekima

November 18, 2021 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Solution Typhoon Lekima
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Do you still remember the deadly Typhoon Lekima in China? Can you still recall the damages it inflicted to the people and its nearby provinces? What were the emergency responses of the Chinese Government to defy it? Let’s recall how the government responded to such a huge calamity.

Solution Typhoon Lekima, The aftermath of Typhoon Lekima in Zhejiang Province
Image 1: The aftermath of Typhoon Lekima in Zhejiang Province

Summary of Typhoon Lekima

In August 2019, the devastating Typhoon Lekima reached China. The powerful Typhoon brought strong winds and torrential rainstorms to the country. This Super Typhoon is viewed as among the three most dreadful and costliest typhoons in Zhejiang, Qingdao, and Shandong, China. Let’s retrospect the estimated damage cost and learn how we can prevent it in the future.

Solution Typhoon Lekima, Typhoon Lekima’s detailed Impact
Image 2. Super Typhoon Lekima’s detailed Impact

Super Typhoon Lekima is the ninth storm to hit China in 2019. It is also considered as the most devastating storm in the country since 2014. It originated as a Tropical Depression in the Philippines. Eventually, it reached up to 187 KPH wind as it landed in the eastern part of China. 

Solution Typhoon Lekima, Cars in Zhejiang, China were partially submerged in floodwater
Image 3: Cars in Zhejiang, China were partially submerged in floodwater

Impact Overview of Typhoon Lekima

Below are the impacts of Typhoon Lekima to the affected areas:

Overall, the economic loss from the damage taken reached up to 16.6 billion Yuan (3.47 billion USD).

Solution Typhoon Lekima, Devastated houses in Zhejiang, China
Image 4. Devastated houses in Zhejiang, China
Solution Typhoon Lekima, Dramatic rescue of casualties against the raging flood
Image 5. Dramatic rescue of casualties against the raging flood

Chinese Government Emergency Response against Typhoon Lekima

Beforehand, the disaster relief authority of China already sent off Level III emergency response before Lekima made its landfall. Accordingly, The State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters launched its team to guide local relief work.

Solution Typhoon Lekima, Rescue team going house to house looking for survivors
Image 6. Rescue team going house to house looking for survivors

In addition, the Ministry set up related organizations to closely monitor alerts and issues with the weather changes in real-time. As such, they were assigned to ensure people’s safety.

A rescue team in search of missing casualties and survivors, Solution Typhoon Lekima,
mage 7. A rescue team in search of missing casualties and survivors

The Chinese Government’s Assistance to the Typhoon-hit Regions 

East China’s Zhejiang provincial authorities launched 35 teams with more than 100 senior agricultural experts. They came to facilitate relief support to the affected families. According to China’s provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs, they worked with estimated 10,000 agriculture specialists to assess and provide technical guidance to recommence crop production.

Solution Typhoon Lekima, Farmer removing the flood water of greenhouse submerging their crops
Image 8. Farmer removing the flood water of greenhouse submerging their crops

Furthermore, local agencies are examining agricultural resources, animal husbandry, and fishing resources to inhibit consequent calamities.

Risk and Disaster Insurance to Casualties

The provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs confirmed local policy insurance firms have received 8,182 agriculture-related insurance applications worth 210 million Yuan ($29.7 million). For that reason, the insurance played a vital role in the recovery from the devastation brought by Typhoon Lekima.

Solution Typhoon Lekima, Flooded Greenhouse crops
Image 9. Flooded Greenhouse crops

One Thing You Thought You Never Needed

The disaster risk and management plan of China during the ravage of Typhoon Lekima is truly commendable. From preparation, implementation, until relief assistance.

However, the typhoon still created nothing but horror and damage in the country and surrounding provinces. The flood still destroyed massive properties, businesses, crops, and even lives.

Here’s another thing the government, businesses, and every homeowner thought they never needed: Flood defense.

Solution Typhoon Lekima, A Rescue team continuously searching for missing casualties and survivors
Image 10. A Rescue team continuously searching for missing casualties and survivors

Flood Control Barriers for Maximum Flood Defense

Did you know that you can protect your properties, business infrastructures, and crops from getting damaged by floods? Try to take another look at the captured incidents during Typhoon Lekima. Then, futurize the country with incoming strong typhoons. This time, ponder a situation with flood barriers.

Image 11. House with demountable barrier

What if there are barriers that will block the floodwater?

  • Every establishment has a flood barrier.
  • There is a flood barrier around the vegetable greenhouse. 
  • Flood barriers are attached to every house.
Image 12. INERO Mobile Flood Barrier used for municipal flood protection.

Unavoidably, You may still be asked to evacuate, but you will not worry about your house and other properties getting damaged. For instance, a greenhouse will keep its crops secure from being submerged in floodwater.

With these, your resources, possessions, machines, and other stuff on the ground floor will remain dry and untouched by floodwater. As a result, you will have a hassle-free, worry-free, and damage-free protection!

Image 13. Flood Protection for Electrical substation

So which is better? A preventive solution against floods that will protect your properties, and will last a lifetime? Or worry about damages, dangers, and loss when there are strong rainfall alerts? Apparently, we can never stop natural catastrophes like floods. But still, we can control and protect our properties, crops, and establishments with barriers

Increase your flood defense with us! We can provide you a GERMAN QUALITY flood barrier system that can last for up to 100 years! Our flood experts will assess the needs of your home, business, or property to assure its safety and security.

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