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Flood Barriers and Flood Doors

RS Flood Control provide different types of permanent and temporary flood barriers to effectively protect any kind of opening of your home, buildings, and areas. Flood barrier types ranging from temporary flood barriers, flood doors and gates, automatic flood barriers, and permanent glass wall flood barriers are custom designed and engineered by the RS Flood Experts to provide you with the most optimal flood protection possible.

Temporary Flood Barriers
Flood Door and Gates
Automatic Flood Barriers
Permanent Glass Wall Barriers

How to Know Which is the Right Flood Barrier for Your Opening?

No flood barrier system can universally fit into any opening of houses, buildings, or factories. A specific floodbarrier can work efficiently on a certain entrance but will fail on another type of opening.

There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the most suitable flood door or flood gate for a specific application. Some examples of these factors are the structure of the walls and the ground, the drainage system, the operation or foot traffic at the entrance, the allotted budget, and many more.

Good News! RS Flood Control can help you find the Right Flood Barrier for any type of opening.

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Step-by-Step Guidelines
To Your Own Flood Protection
This edition includes helpful advice and checklists on how business owners, public officials, homeowners, architects, and engineers can safeguard buildings and properties from flooding.

The top 14 RS Flood Control Products that are used globally were also listed in this magazine

What are the Different Types of Flood Barriers?

Temporary Flood Barriers

These are flood barriers that can be fully removed from the opening when not required. The removable flood barriers can be deployed on the entrances to provide a temporary yet similar level of protection to a permanent flood defense.

RS Demountable Flood Barriers

Demountable Flood Barrier thumbnail
A removable flood barrier type perfect for any flooding situation. They are temporary flood protection that are stackable and easy to operate. The flood barriers can be configured as single long spans or multiple split spans.

Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers

Inero Mobile Barrier thumbnail
Mobile flood barriers are the quickest flood defense system since it does not require any pre-installation or permanent anchoring. It is lightweight yet durable to withstand the water pressure from flash floods.

RS Window Cover Flood Barrier

Window Cover Barrier thumbnail
Lightweight yet durable flood barriers that can be installed on windows and walls to achieve flood protection for wall openings. It can also be used to protect ground openings like pits, underground tanks, and manholes.

Flood Doors and Flood Gates

These are floodbarriers that are custom designed to fit openings like doors, pedestrian entrances, or driveway entrances. These type of flood barriers give a quicker reaction time since they only need a single action to swing and close the opening and another to seal the flood panel.

RS Swing-Hinged Flood Gates

Swing Hinged Flood Door thumbnail
Swing-Hinged Floodgates are a quick response to flooding. These residential floodgates are made of high-grade steel but are lightweight and easy to manipulate.

RS Lift-Hinged Flood Gates

Lift Hinged Flood Gate thumbnail
These industrial floodgates can provide you with a quick solution to flood, no matter what your needs are — floodgates for homes, businesses, or industries.

RS 4-Sided Sealed Flood Doors

4 Sided Sealed Flood Door thumbnail
Flood Doors that best fit your doors and passageways. They look like doors but are sealed on all four sides, ensuring maximum protection during major flooding.

RS Heavy-Duty Swing-Hinged Flood Gates

Heavy Duty Flood Door thumbnail
Heavy-Duty Flood Doors are a necessity for homes. Day in and day out, these steel doors keep homes and business safe no matter what.

RS Sliding Flood Gates

Sliding Flood Gates thumbnail
Heavy-duty flood gates used for huge passageways of industrial sites! Get these flood barriers and have uninterrupted operation even during extreme flooding.

RS Pivot-Hinged Barriers

Pivot Hinged Chemical Containment Barrier thumbnail
Pivot-Hinged Barriers do an excellent job of preventing chemical spills in industrial sites. As domestic floodgates, they offer quick solutions to flooding issues.

Automatic Flood Barriers

These are flood protection systems that are able to close an opening automatically when flood water rises. The automatic flood barriers can be operated in different modes, it can be by buoyancy, by water sensor, by a kill switch, or by using a smartphone.

Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers

Anhamm Automatic Flip-up Flood Barrier thumbnail
The Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier is an independent system; it works without electrical power or manual operation.

RS Flip-Up Flood Barriers

Flip-up Flood Barriers thumbnail
Even public squares can get flooded. What such places need for protection is an automated flood barrier that is both unobtrusive and effective.

RS Drop-Down Flood Barriers

Drop Down Flood Barrier thumbnail
The Drop-Down Flood Barrier stands as a proof that a round-the-clock, fully automated flood protection for industrial sites is possible.

Permanent Flood Barriers

These are flood barriers that are permanently installed on wide areas or long openings to provide long-lasting flood protection without obstructing the operation.
RS Glass-Paneled Flood Barriers
Glass-paneled Flood Barrier thumbnail
When total flood protection and aesthetic value are both a necessity, the Glass-Paneled Flood Barrier is the perfect solution.

Trusted Flood Control Solutions Provider Worldwide

RS Flood Barriers are world-trusted water barriers with more than 65,000 installed systems to more than 11,000 satisfied customers in 33 countries worldwide.
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Download the
Step-by-Step Guidelines
To Your Own Flood Protection
and know what type of flood barrier is perfect for your openings.

This magazine provides helpful checklists and advice on how homeowners, business owners, architects, and engineers can protect buildings and properties from flooding.

Free step by step guidelines for flood protection
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