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Flood Barriers

RS Demountable flood Barrier Thumbnail

Demountable Barrier

These are removable flood barriers that can fit any structure — be it a simple home, a business establishment, or a big industrial house.
Inero Mobile Flood Barriers Thumbnail

RS Inero™ Mobile

Inero’s patented flood barriers offer a flood protection solution that is lightweight, simple to use and quickly deployed. Primarily designed to provide flood defences for wide areas, the barrier can withstand water levels up to 1.8m. The sections interlock using a patended quick connector to form a continous, flexible barrier that adapts to all common substrates, such as concrete, grass, gravel and asphalt.
Anhamn Automatic Flood Barrier Thumbnail

Anhamm Automatic Barriers

The Anhamm Automatic Spill Barrier is an independent system; it works without power or manual operation. The patented mechanism detects incoming flood and reacts by activating the barrier.
RS Lift-hinged Flood Gate Thumbnail

RS Lift-Hinged Flood Gate

These flood gates are available as single or double leaf, or integrated with a stop-log system for wide entrances. Our gates are suitable for use in unmanned locations, are fully lockable and come complete with anti-theft and vandal resistant features.
RS Dropdown Flood Barrier Thumbnail

RS Drop-Down Flood Barrier

These flood barriers can be supplied in any RAL colour. Barriers can be mounted behind building façades making them as desirable in prestigious locations (such as hotel lobbies, plazas, shopping centres and head offices) as they are essential in factory entrances and loading bays.
RS Flip-up Flood Barrier Thumbnail

RS Flip-Up Flood Barrier

These flood barriers can rise automatically with the rising flood waters or by push button in advance keeping you in control for complete peace of mind. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and manual backups mean these barriers will not let you down.
RS Dropdown Flood Barrier Thumbnail

RS 4-Sided Sealed
Flood Door

A high-speed flood door designed for passageways that are constantly open and need to be sealed rapidly in the event of flooding. This flood protection solution functions similarly to a conventional door but features four-sided waterproof sealing, ensuring maximum safety for both people and assets. The innovative design and advanced sealing technology allow for an immediate response to flood emergencies, making it the ideal solution for areas at risk of flooding.
RS Flip-up Flood Barrier Thumbnail

RS Window Cover
Flood Barrier

RS Windows Cover Flood Barriers provide unparalleled protection against flooding, ensuring the safety of both assets and loved ones within a building. These flood barriers are easily removable and can be attached to windows or other suitable wall openings, providing an impenetrable barrier against floodwaters. With this innovative solution, you can rest assured that your property and those inside will remain safe, regardless of the severity of the flood.

Case Studies

Warehouse in Great Britain

The whole leisure facility is altered by a 300m long freestanding flood protection system. The 25 changes of direction with different storage heights have been a particular challenge.

Shopping Center – Lewis

Manual barriers – permanent installed – protecting the whole supermarket from inside.

Office of Labor and Employment

Fully automated drop-down system – remote controlled by water sensors.

Congress Center – Dresden

Extreme stable support construction due to the high impact of water pressure.

Harbor Town – Wells on the Sea

Installation of about 100m special waterproofed glasses. The old wooden structure was not permanent. It must be installed every time of flood warning at least several times a year ~ very costly!

5-Star Hotel Elbresidenz

The complete hotel compound is surrounded by a freestanding flood protection system. The different storage heights have been a particular challenge under consideration of the special terrain.

Hotel an der Enz

Protection of individual sections of the hotel with a freestanding flood protection system. Hided underneath ground level because of barrier-free access for handicapped people.

Shops & Restaurants Elbresidenz

The complete shopping and restaurant compound is protected by a demountable system.