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The RS Flood Control System requires an installation that follows defined guidelines to fulfill the German Flood Protection Standards. The installation, again, requires supervision by the RS Engineers who are familiar with the said standards.
But RS is aware that traveling increases the chance of getting infected with, and spreading COVID-19. Therefore, RS is offering an RS Remote Supervision of Installation, carriers out by BUYER’s construction team or company.

The RS Remote Supervision of Installation will be accomplished through a video internet connection by using a video conferencing app. The RS Instructor will assist the BUYER’s Site Engineer and his qualified workers – from his own or a third party company – to execute the installation works in accordance with the German Flood Protection Standards. A Media Support person is the “eyes” and films the site in a way that the RS Instructor can see what the team at the site sees. The RS Instructor will monitor the installation and will give instructions what to do if necessary. A RS Remote Installation Media Manual will come along with this remote service and serves as a guideline for a proper filming.

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