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Things You Should Consider Before Installing Flood Protection

January 30, 2018 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Flooding is the nation’s number one natural disaster, and it can occur inland, along the coast, and across every region of the country. Even though you may think your place has no risk of flooding, the reality is that anywhere it rains, it can flood.

Protected Home from flood

Providing protection for your properties from floods is a good investment. It not only prevents damage but also protect the lives of your family and the workers in your place of business. Choosing the right flood protection is not as easy as choosing a furniture for your house. Here some guidelines to consider when choosing a flood protection system.

Six factors in choosing the suitable flood control system

When it comes to having flood protection methods being installed in your home there are 6 key factors you should consider.


1. Are the flood control barriers up to standard expected by the buyers?

If you are looking at a company’s products you should also ask for a certification that they have been tested by a standards’ certification authority. Such certifications will assure that it is indeed safe and ensure that it can protect your home. No certifications means no warranty. Avoid it at all costs even if they guarantee it. You’ll be paying sub-standard products that may not work.

2. Do the flood control methods meet your demands?

You should visually inspect the type of flood control barrier is better suited for your home or business.


Do you only need the front of your property if the floods occur often in the front or does it surround the entirety of your property? What if it no one is there and the floods unexpectedly hit? Then a demountable barrier may not be ideal because it needs some to set it up. Maybe a more permanent type like the swing type flood control door may be more suitable.

3.Is the company reputable?

Is the company reputable? Does it have all the necessary equipments needed to finish the job? Will they deliver what they promised? These are all important inquiries before you sign the paper. It could compromise the safety of your home. Unqualified companies may not have the expertise to deliver the goods. This could lead to damage to the property.

4. Do some research

A thorough research can recommend a good flood control company. It always pay to know the history of a company. Whether its products can deliver without any complaint from the customers. Its prices are reasonable and up to standards. Remember it is your money that’s at stake here.


A good company should also be able to provide testimonials from people they already serviced. Word of mouth is the best advertisement money cannot buy.

person own house with flood control RS barrier installed

5. Installing products

Some companies will install their own flood control barriers. However, sometimes the barriers will be installed by someone else.


Here, the company’s responsibility to provide the necessary instructions for the workers. You should ask who he works for and who pays his service.

6. Maintenance

All products including automatic flood control barriers need to be maintained. During times when the property is unoccupied, it is wise to make arrangements for someone to maintain the barriers or if they are automatic, to test if they are working properly when a flood warning is issued.

You could ask other people who have already installed similar barriers, on how to maintain theirs.

One last advice

There is no guarantee that your home will be 100% protected from any flood events, there other unknown factors that could occur anytime. But knowing there is something to deter the floods would you at ease. Do you have any suggestions to look for the ideal flood protection system? Post your comments below.

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