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Miami Formula 1 Circuit Flooded Weeks Before the Grand Prix – Seb Was Right

April 15, 2023 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Who says Germans do not know anything about flooding?

Sebastian Vettel, a recently retired F1 champion from Germany, previously stated a flood warning for Miami as part of his environmental crusade. 

During the Miami GP opening party in 2022, Vettel turned up wearing a t-shirt that read:

 “Miami 2060 – 1st Grand Prix Underwater 2060- Act Now or Swim Later.”

sebastian vettel miami grand prix 2022
Sebastian Vettel wearing his statement shirt during the opening of the Miami Grand Prix 2022.

The newly built Miami Grand Prix circuit has flooded just a few weeks before the Grand Prix event, which will take place on race day weekend from May 5 to 7, 2023. 

Seb was right! Climate Change is inevitable; it’s just a matter of time, and it’s starting now!

miami grand prix circuit flooded
Miami Grand Prix Circuit submerged with flood water.

This is causing a lot of money from the event organizers; aside from losing massive money to remove the flood water and clean the complex and sophisticated race circuit, they are losing precious time because they need these weeks to prepare the race track.

But what if this flooding happened during the race day weekend? 

That could have been more costly!

The Event organizers would have to reschedule the event, and that doubles the cost instantly. The expensive Formula 1 cars are already in the garages, putting them in a high-risk position of getting submerged. 

And the long-term effect that FIA will cancel Miami on the next F1 Calendars if this Flood-risk persists. I could imagine that the owner of the circuit would never accept it.

The cost would be so massive that it would take years for the organizers to recover.

I’m sure that the Engineers are now tasked with coming up with a solution to prevent this from happening. Hard engineering solutions like improvement of storm drains and waterway management and instant solutions such as Automatic Flood Barriers at the garages to instantly protect the multi-million dollar formula one cars from flood damages.

That can also be expensive, but it would save them in a lot in the future racedays.

miami grand prix circuit
Aerial view of the Miami Grand Prix Circuit with painted pavements to mimic beach waters.

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