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Cheap Flood Protection Systems are More Expensive Than You Expected

February 6, 2018 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

The rainy season is almost over. Thankfully, there were no super storm that swept the country this year. Now is the time to plan ahead of the next rainy season.

No one can predict what the next season will be. So it’s time to invest some flood countermeasures to protect yourself and your properties.


You surf the web to look for the cheapest one because that is the first thing you look for. You find that will fit your budget. The question is will that flood control barrier be able to withstand the floods?

Let us look at the facts; you find the cheap flood barrier that is within your budget and purchased it. But once you get it, it is not up to standards.

You use it anyway hoping that it will be able to withstand the forces of the floods. Comes the day when the floods arrived. The first half-meter of floodwater went smoothly. But past the one meter mark it begins to bend, seeping in water.

When the floodwater rose to critical levels, it buckled. Rushing floodwater comes in and destroys your property. If you are lucky enough you were able to evacuate before it get any worse.

Are you willing to take risks because of being stingy?

Apparently not. For trying to save money, you end up costing more in flood damages than the product itself. Choosing a good flood barrier requires more research and good decision.

Flood barriers are designed for permanent use. Its purpose is to be used repeatedly over the years. That means it will be frequently used everytime flooding occurs.

The substandard materials used in the cheap flood barriers were insufficient to stop the water pressure of the flood. Even after just one use, it cannot be used again. You need to buy a new one to replace it. Money down the drain.

Even if it survive the first use, there is still the question if it is still usable. No doubt it suffered some damages and needs to be repaired. Another cost to maintain it. So to save a few more pesos, you ended up with spending more for that barrier. Replacing the damaged parts and keeping it in working condition will costs more than buying the better quality flood control barriers.

The lesson learned: cheap flood control barriers do not guarantee protection for you or your properties from the raging floodwaters. It’s best not to gamble with cheap products. It might cost you more in the end.

You deserve the best!

Investing in a good flood barrier can actually save you money in the long run. RS Flood Control barriers use the best materials to prevent buckling under enormous water pressure and corrosion. The aluminum panels used in the barriers are lightweight and virtually maintenance free.


The flood barrier has no loosely moving parts; hence, the only maintenance required is checking the rubber seals for cracks. It has it owns side channels and back brace firmly anchored to the foundation for stability. It was tested for durability and showed it can withstand a 50 pound log slammed against it.

RS Flood Control Barriers are built to last therefore replacement is not needed. They can be easily be assembled in a matter of minutes and can be stored away neatly in a storage rack.

So, now you know!

Now you know that RS Flood Control Barriers can outlast any other solutions (like sandbags). You also found out that getting a cheap one could cost more money in the long run.

Do you think it’s a good idea to have expensive but high-quality barriers than cheaper ones? Leave your comments below.