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Let real voices speak about the right flood solution!

January 29, 2018 | Created by: Andreas Klippe

Trying to find the right product that works for your flood problems? Searching the web can be daunting.

person own house with flood control RS barrier installedAt Flood Control Asia RS Corp., we have the right flood control system for you!

Why don’t you let people who have enjoyed REAL protection speak? You might discover what they did so they can stay protected, day and day out.

WATCH: Testimonial of Ms. Gloria Chua

Testimonials from satisfied clients give assurance that the product they bought satisfied them. One such testimonial is from Ms. Gloria Chua, a business owner and a resident of Cabanatuan City Philippines. She used to have hard time dealing with damages caused by yearly flood.

Interview of Ms. Gloria Chua

She proved that using sandbags and sand gels as flood defense system wasn’t very effective. Before installing Flood Control Asia’s products, Mrs. Gloria Chua used to have a hard time dealing with the damages caused by flood.

Everytime the weather bureau would announce a typhoon, she would have to move her furniture to a higher ground in their house.

What she needed was more than home-based protection!

Aside from protecting her home, she needed to protect her car dealer business, Royce Motors. During one strong tropical storm, her car showroom was severely flooded, damaging two brand new cars and forcing her to evacuate the remaining cars to a parking lot near a supermall. Needless to say, the cost of refurbishing the car showroom and parking fees cost her a pretty penny.

flood control RS barrier installed in garageRS Demountable flood control barriers were installed at Royce Motors in Cabanatuan City.

The loss of income shutting down her car showroom, and not being being able to sell a single car for a whole month weighed heavily on her. Finally, the replacement of office furniture and equipment was too great an expense for her.

After being introduced with Flood Control Asia’s products, Mrs. Chua immediately did some research about the company. She checked if there is an existing showroom, a website, and an actual product. Then, she personally went to see the showroom and was impressed how the by the actual product demonstration.

Now that Mrs. Chua’s establishment has been installed with Flood Control Asia’s products, she can enjoy a worry-free and flood-free rainy season. She can rest assured that her house and business are protected from flood!

Here’s another one: CILA gets a flood control barrier.

Another testimonial comes from the Clark Investors and Locators Association (CILA) in Clark Freeport Zone. The perennial problem of flooding in the CILA corporate room occurs when there is a heavy downpour. Located at the bottom of an uprise, flooding is a constant problem there.

Cila with the newly install flood control rs barrierFlood Control Asia RS donated a flood control barrier to CILA.

According to CILA’s office manager:

“Sometimes the water can rise to ankle deep in the conference room when there is a heavy downpour.”

As for CILA Corporate Secretary Atty. Javier Flores, he said:

“The RS demountable flood control barrier proves to be a very sturdy structure. We can remove the need to sandbag the entrance when there is a downpour. I would like thank Dr. Klippe and his staff in Flood Control Asia for the donation. The staff of CILA would like to thank them as this will ease our mind about flooding in the offices.”

He further said that this solution can be applied to the whole Philippines to protect large communities from flooding.

1A – Another Satisfied Customer

Another satisfied customer is the 1A Express Hotel owned by Cheryl Wee Eng in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao.

Cagayan de Oro flood control rs barrier installedThe completely installed RS flood demountable barrier stands at 1A Express Hotel in Cagayan de Oro.

During the intertropical convergence zone period, the downtown national highway in which the hotel is located experiences knee deep flood waters. The street drainage system is inadequate to contain the heavy rains. Hence, the hotel is inundated with flood waters at its main reception lobby and nearby laundromat.

The hotel carpet was damaged as well as the two laundry machines. The loss of income for was expected to be at least 90 million pesos for 100 rooms, with P3,000.00 per day. 1A Express Hotel also provided promotions of discounted room rates to encourage the guest back.

The flood problem solution implemented was the erection of a concrete staircase at the main entrance. Then, the demountable barriers were installed on the disabled ramp. Even the architect of the building complemented that the demountable barriers do not compromise the aesthetics of the place.

Did they convince you?

If they’ve convinced you, you know what to do next! Flood Control Asia is just one click away. Reach us, and we’ll help you solve your flood-related problems.