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Security is the Key

January 25, 2018 | Created by: Andreas Klippe

Security is always foremost in the mind of everyone. Be it in the home and their place of business. But aside from those, there is also another concern to ensure your home or business is safe from natural calamities.

Security Features

1. Why secure your flood control barriers?

You set-up your flood control barriers for the night. Thinking it will flood during the wee hours. The next morning, you come back and found your barriers were tampered with or stolen. So now your place is thoroughly flooded. What could have prevented such a disaster? How secure are your properties? Even flood control barriers can be stolen or vandalized without a proper security lock.

When people think of security, they think of a security guard in a bank or a building — sometimes, even a locked box. But there are other meanings in the word “security”.

“Nowadays nothing is safe. Even flood control barriers can be stolen or tampered.”

Nowadays, information and data are flowing freely everyday. To protect these data, they are given security features so they would not be stolen. Even a cell phone, nowadays, has security features only the owner can unlock so any information in it won’t be used against him.

The same is true with RS Demountable Barriers. There is one unique feature which the other flood control systems do not have.

Other flood control barrier brands boast that their system is durable and can withstand any flood. However, do they guarantee that it is safe from theft or vandalism? Does it have a lock feature that can keep the barrier stable even in a worst case scenario?

2. Security component of Demountable Barriers

We go the extra mile to ensure your flood barriers are safe from tampering or theft.

German Technologyflood control barrier component

It is the security component of the RS demountable barriers which sets them apart. These are the lockable system also known as the compression clamp that holds the barriers together and the cover plates to protect the clamps’ threads. These are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a padlock slot.

“Security clamps ensure the safety of the flood control barriers.”

Two compression clamps are inserted on both sides of the panels to prevent leakage between the seals. More clamps can be added depending on the panel’s length to give the barriers more stability.

Once the clamps have been tightened, the cover plate is placed and padlocked to prevent vandalism or sabotage. The side channels are lined with rubber seals designed to resist silt clogging even after prolonged compression.

Your safety is our priority!

Here at Flood Control Asia RS Corporation, we are always thinking our clients’ safety. All our products are designed with you in our mind.

“Here at RS Flood Control Asia, we always go one step further.”

You have placed your trust in us to protect you and your loved ones, so we are committed not to break that trust. Our barriers are guaranteed to keep your home and properties dry and safe.

When it comes to safety from floods, Flood Control Asia RS Corporation has you covered!