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CILA’s Office Finally Becomes Flood-Free

January 26, 2023 | Created by: Andreas Klippe

Here’s what a business organization in the Philippines did to keep its office safe from flood

Business organizations function as a binding force among entrepreneurs. They serve as an avenue where businessmen can share their experiences with one another and help their members who need professional assistance.

However, if the business organization’s office becomes inaccessible due to flooding, how can the community serve the needs of its members?

The same scenario happened when Clark investors and Locators Association’s (CILA) office was flooded in the rainy season of 2017. Its members could not access the office, which was submerged in ankle-deep floodwater at that time.

CILA’s Location and Background

CILA serves as an umbrella organization for Clark Freeport Zone’s investors (both foreign and local). Clark Freeport Zone, on the other hand, is a thriving economic hub in Philippines’ Central Luzon Region.

Clark Freeport Zone offers a promising future to businessmen. Investors are granted special privileges when investing in Clark, since the area is a special economic zone. CILA represents these investors who ventured out and established their respective trades in Clark.

CILA’s office is located right at the heart of the freeport zone. It is literally a stone’s throw aways from big hotels and government offices inside Clark Freeport Zone.

However, the office is located on a sloped terrain. Prior to its development as a former United States military base and now a freeport zone, Clark was a mountainous area. Thus, some portions of it has an uneven ground elevation. CILA’s office location is one of those points that are on a slightly lower level. The office’s back door is particularly sitting on a lower ground.

As mentioned, around CILA’s office are government establishments, hotels, and casinos. These areas, unlike CILA’s site, are higher grounds. CILA and the rest of its neighbor establishments become a catch-basin for these higher grounds. Thus, a mere one or two hours of heavy rain is enough to flood CILA’s office through its back door.

Actual Flooding Threat Faced by CILA’s Office

During the rainy season of 2017, CILA’s office was flooded ankle-deep. Because of this, CILA’s operation was hampered. The office staff spent a great part of the day scooping out the water from the offices’ boardroom.

The regular flooding also affected the integrity of the office’s structures. The office is an old building constructed during the time of the United States military base that was dismantled in 1991. The materials used to create the building’s walls were not purely concrete. Thus, continued exposure to elements and to floodwater can weaken the walls.

Flood Protection Goal

CILA’s office finally became flood-free when Flood Control Asia RS, Corporation (FCA) donated an RS Demountable Flood Barrier. The said flood barrier set was installed on the back door that serves as the floodwater’s entry point.

CILA was also provided with a storage rack that will hold the aluminum beams when they are not in use. To complete the commissioning of the flood barrier set, FCA engineers held a brief training for all office personnel.


Fast Facts on CILA’s Protection against Flooding

Company Name Clark Investors and Locators Association (CILA)
Location Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines
Company Background CILA serves as an umbrella organization for Clark Freeport Zone’s investors (both foreign and local). It is established so investors in Clark will have a proper representation.
Cause of Flooding The office is located on a sloped terrain. It is surrounded by establishments sitting on higher grounds, making CILA’s location a catch-basin.

Floodwater enters the building through the office’s back door, which is facing a lower ground.

Damages Brought by Flooding
  • The office’s boardroom is flooded ankle-deep.
  • This flooding caused interruptions in the business organization’s operations, as CILA members could not access some parts of the office.
  • The office staff spent a greater part of the day cleaning the flooded area.
Applied Flood Protection RS Demountable Flood Barrier
Result of Installing Flood Protection The flood barriers were installed on the office’s back door, which is an entry point of floodwater. The office staff also underwent a brief but comprehensive training on how to assemble the barriers during emergency situations.