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Century flood devastates Pakistan

November 14, 2022 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Massive floods have destroyed entire districts across Pakistan, turning them into inland seas as they tore away mountainsides, washed buildings from their foundations, and raged across the countryside. Over one million dwellings have suffered damage or destruction, and over 1,100 people have died so far.

Pakistan massive century flood
A bird’s eye view of the devastation caused by the recent floods in Pakistan, where relentless rain has washed away homes, roads and crops, leaving a trail of destruction and displacement in its wake.

Much of Pakistan’s cropland is now flooded after nearly three months of nonstop rain, raising the possibility of food shortages during what is likely to be the most damaging monsoon season in recent memory.

More than 1,700 individuals died from flooding that year, and millions more people were left homeless. At the time, Ban Ki-moon, the secretary-general of the United Nations, said the catastrophe was the worst he had ever witnessed.

According to Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority, this year’s floods have already damaged 162 bridges and washed away more than 2,000 miles of roadways. The combination of flooding and high temperatures, according to Abrar ul Haq, chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent, indicated that the “worst is yet to come” because the environment was ideal for the development of waterborne infections.

pakistan roads damaged during flood
Thousands of kilometres of roads in Pakistan were destroyed during the flooding.

Some claim that historical injustices are to blame for Pakistan’s poor levels of resilience and ongoing need for disaster relief. Global climate negotiations have hit a brick wall over the age-old argument about rich, polluting nations’ responsibilities to assist poor, developing nations in coping with climate change.

Pakistan was colonized by Britain and the United States, which are both significantly more industrialized than Pakistan. As a result, Pakistan and other nations have over time only produced a negligible amount of the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet, yet they bear the brunt of the harm and are required to pay for expensive modernisation in order to reduce their present pollution.

With the recent floods in Pakistan causing extensive damage to homes and buildings, it’s important to take proactive measures to protect your property. If you’re concerned about the potential for flood damage, consult a flood expert today to learn about the best ways to safeguard your home or building.