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How a Simple Engineering Assessment can Prevent Disaster!

October 8, 2020 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Buying a Flood Protection System is easy! Knowing which one will be most effective for you takes a professional.

Choosing a flood protection system seems to be easy! There are so many flood protection systems in the market today. You can freely choose what product best suits your concerns.

Some you can even buy online, install on your own, and you’re done. But there is a problem with this approach. There is no way of ensuring quality. If there is no assurance of quality, are you really safe? And are you really sure which product suits best for your needs?

That’s why an Engineering Assessment from the Flood Experts is important. Ensuring quality means ensuring safety, that is the number one priority!  

But how important is an engineering assessment? If it is so important, everyone should be doing it right? This blog will tell you why.

The best flood protection systems in the world are made of aluminum or steel guided by innovative engineering. They are carefully designed to make sure that when the floods rise, you won’t have any worries!

You will need the proper tools, the proper plans, not to mention, the proper training. To cut the story short, installing is not a job for the neighborhood handyman! 

Flood barriers alone might not protect you

It might be surprising. But the flood barriers you want to choose, you want to buy will probably not solve your flooding issue.

What? I spend a lot of money and then, they do not protect me?

Yes. Correct what you say.

So, let us have a look at the reasons together.

It is important to get a complete view of your situation. This is especially important because it is so commonly overlooked!

There are problems hidden in plain sight. You can group them “A” and “B”.

Group “A” Problems

  • Rooftop leaks and poor structural design;
  • Clogged gutters;
  • Slow-draining sewage system and;
  • Congested public drainage system that could lead to backflows.
  • Openings from the telecommunication, for the cat, empty pipes leading inside the building, or simply damaged parts of the wall;

Group “B” Problems

  • Disadvantageous topography;
  • Neighboring circumstances;
  • Slopes.
Your neighborhood laborer is not certified or trained for high-quality work of flood safety.

All these are possible points of water ingress. Group “A” is directly threatening your house. Group “B” is threatening your lot and in the second step in your house.

So, what to do with these problems?

Let me make you happy first.

How to become Rich?

Lastly, an Engineering Assessment can save your bank account! Because the Engineering Assessment will reveal everything you need to be flood-protected, it can also show you a less expensive way to do so. Better you do it. With the right knowledge, you can do your own assessment.

Remains the question: Why buy a sophisticated, high-quality product if a simple task of clearing a waterway will solve the problem? 

You will know what kind of additional measure you have to undertake apart from buying flood barriers for the main point of water ingress, your entrances!!!

And yes, this will make you rich. You will not be flooded the next time. You save all your money before you spend it for renovation, replacement of things, or repair of your car. Normally, a good and well-planned flood protection solution pays off after the first flood.

Not bad, isn’t it?

Engaging in Professional Assessments

As I have said before “You can do the assessment by our own with the right knowledge”.

True. However, if you are not sure about it and the consequences, then, yes, then better trust the flood experts. 

Let the flood experts handle your problems. The Engineering Assessment is conducted by professional engineers and will show you what you need based from the site inspection, surveillance of the area, and learning what specific products can suit your flood problems.

A professional Flood Engineer will save you time, money, and make your flood-free life easier!

You can freely buy a flood protection system from a supplier who is just interested in sales. However, you might encounter some problems with your flood solution systems if it doesn’t hit the real problem. You should know that you will be risking your family, your business, and your assets.

I repeat while writing? You got me. True. But this has a reason. It is so important to inform you about it. Your safety and the protection of your building depends on it.

“Shouldn’t I really inform you instead of just trying to sell you flood barriers?”

If you’re asking, engineering assessments are optional. You can buy a product and install them yourself. However, the assurance of this being effective isn’t on a hundred percent level. That’s why engineering assessments are highly advised for customers who want to maximize the use of their money.

Spend Your Money Wisely!

Grab the chance of having an engineering assessment, besides buying flood barriers. More than it can save you time thinking of what the real problem is, it will also save you from the hassle.

While you’re at it, get the latest information on flood control technology by subscribing to our weekly newsletterSorry, if not done yet, I should say 😉

Stay safe and flood-free!

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