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GOOD NEWS: The Earthshot Prize

February 1, 2020 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

When writing and talking about climate change, the threats become the most highlighted, especially so in mainstream media. We touched these points in a previous article on climate change alarmism. This exposure to bad news makes it very refreshing to be able to share good ones. We dedicate a significant amount of time to news telling us the dangers we should prepare for so perhaps we should also show the same dedication to good news.

In this series of articles, we will find uplifting news about efforts and actions done to help preserve the environment. Let’s hear some good news for a change!

A Positive Start for the Decade
To start 2020, Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine of the British monarchy launched the Earthshot Prize. From 2021 to 2030, five solutions to top environmental concerns will be awarded funds annually. A multi-million prize to fund environmental solutions await the winners.

Prince William (pictured) and his wife Princess Catherine lead the British Royal Family’s efforts in saving the Earth.
(Photo of Prince William courtesy of The Earthshot Prize)

The Earthshot Prize will have a total of 50 winners by 2030. Famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough calls it “most prestigious environmental prize in history”. The name was inspired by John F. Kennedy’s call for unified efforts to reach the Moon in the 1960s. The Prince calls the Earthshot Prize a decade of action to repair the Earth.

The British Royal Family has emphasized climate change as a top concern. Queen Elizabeth II hailed young climate change activists in her annual Christmas address to the public, saying their sense of purpose is similar to when they faced their own challenges in their youth.

Sensible Long-term Planning
It’s so good to see news like this. Worldwide there are a lot of new efforts for sustainable growth and finding ways to save nature. Added support to efforts like these are always welcome. It is exciting to see what solutions the winners will bring in relation to sustainable energy, pollution, and climate change. The Earthshot Prize is an example of dedication to sensible long-term solutions to climate change and not just band-aid solutions.

We hope to see a lot of young people offering innovations as winners. Maybe you are next?

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