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The Truth about the Top 3 Myths about Floods

July 13, 2020 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Flood myths have been told and retold across human history. Countless religions have their own flooding stories and legends. This is the evidence to prove that we have been dealing with floods for so long. But, when it comes to safety you can’t rely on legends.

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Let go of what you think you know! Get the facts straight from the flood experts!

There are flood myths that need to end because they may cause undue harm to those who believe them. Let facts destroy the false sense of security and enable us to take more appropriate action. In this blog article, we run through the top 3 common flood myths and tell you the facts!

Flood Myth #3 No need to worry, insurance will cover me!

If there’s anyone who can tell you how much damage floods cause, insurance agents can tell you down to the decimal! Insurance providers know the value of flood, that’s why floods are rarely covered by insurance policies and are only covered by expensive packages. Even then, your coverage will be subject to the approval of the provider.

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Insurance companies classify floods the same way as earthquakes. They are considered as force majeure or acts of God which enables them to be excluded from basic insurance clauses. This is one giant reason why flood protection is important. If you live in a flood-prone area, you can forget about getting insured for floods unless: you have protected your building with modern, insurance-approved, and accredited flood protection technology.

Flood Myth #2 It happens once in a blue moon!

Flooding is the most frequent type of natural disaster. Although floods in developing countries are frequently highlighted in international news, the so-called first world countries are not automatically flood-free either. The WHO predicts that flooding will become worse due to climate change with a very grim outlook!

These days, the common causes for flooding are ever present. Combine congested urban areas and clogged drainways and just add water! It’s a simple recipe for flooding disasters. Vigilance is always worth it, check out our tips for flood-free living.

Flood Myth #1: It only affects places near water!

The biggest flood myth of them all is that floods only happen in places near water. It is true that flooding is very common along coastal and riverside areas. However, it is not exclusive to these places!

Flooding can even occur in mountains and in deserts. In mountains and mountainous areas, heights and valleys contribute to flooding. This was the case for the recent flooding in Japan. Meanwhile in desert areas, water channels are not accustomed to draining large amounts of water and desert soil and sand does not absorb water quickly.


Now that you know the truth about the 3 most common flood myths, it’s time to make better decisions. Getting flood protection will make your insurer happy and will surely lower you premiums. But more than that, you are ultimately making the decision to be real safe.

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Whether it’s for your home or for a large business, flood-proofing is the smart move! Flood-proofing is future-proofing. You are securing yourself and the important things in your life and reducing the chances of falling victim to floods to zero.


Floods are not to be underestimated. They are more than a slight inconvenience where we are forced to wade in water. Remember that 2 feet of flooding have the capacity to carry away a car. Not to mention, the health hazards brought along with floods are life-threatening.

I hope these busted flood myths gave you new knowledge that you can use to help you prepare for floods. The small tidbits we share could mean someone’s survival tomorrow.

Stay safe and stay flood free!

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