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A Noob’s Guide to Flood Control (5 THINGS TO KNOW!)

September 23, 2017 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

flood control barriers, notebook with a check mark.
A 5-POINT GUIDE FOR FLOOD CONTROL NOOBS. While everyone is in a panic solving the perennial problem of flooding, take a look on these five things that can help you survive.

More and more people are recognizing the truth of climate change. As a result, various government agencies are frantically searching for solutions to climate change and its offshoots, which includes flooding.

However, conventional measures like construction of dikes and canals are not always effective. Developing countries are still finding it hard to establish long-time and reliable solutions to flooding.

Before you rummage for tips from the Internet, allow us to make life easier for you. Listed below are top five indicators that a flood control program really works. If an idea is not on our list, it’s probably not a sign of a perfectly working flood control program.

1. Of course, it must be leak-free.

flood with sandbags.
IT MUST BE LEAK-FREE. Of course, sandbags and other conventional means of flood control are proven ineffective, as they are NOT 100% leak resistant.

We don’t have to elaborate on this matter. Of course, any protection from flood must be leak-free; otherwise it will no longer be a flood protection program.

Still, people are subscribing to flood barriers that aren’t leak-free — simply because they are cheap. The cheapest flood barrier ever invented is the sandbag. They were first used in the 18th century, when they served as instant fortresses during wartimes.

In spite of its obvious inefficiency, sandbags are still in use these days. In fact, sandbags played a big role in the 2011 Thailand flooding incident. Thousands of sandbags were deployed in Thailand with very minimal success in protecting communities.

If you are not satisfied with sandbags, you can try this alternative — moving to a higher ground. Though not cheap, many people are risking their investments so they can relocate their houses on a higher ground.

Still, moving to a place with higher elevation cannot be a guaranteed protection from flood. At this point when climate change is worsening, even plateaus can be inundated. Besides, there are other causes of flood like faulty drainage system or leaking water installations. In such cases, moving to a higher ground will not help.

The verdict?

Sandbag and other conventional means of flood protection are now becoming obsolete. There must be a bit of science behind every effort to prevent flooding.

2. Flood barriers must be ultra-tough.

a person walking in flood, house protected by flood barriors
TOUGH AGAINST FLOOD. “Ultra-tough” flood barriers can maintain a dry area during flooding — even if the water carries destructive debris.

Reliable flood barriers must not have open seams, so as to prevent water from seeping in any entry point. Yet, it is not enough for flood barriers to have tightly sealed seams. Flood barriers must also have the required strength to render complete protection.

Moreover, typhoons are also getting stronger over time. These stronger typhoons are usually coupled with equally stronger flash floods or landslides. In short, flood barriers must be durable enough to resist intense water pressure and all sorts of debris.

This is where the problem comes in. Not all flood barriers are made of durable materials. Remember, the most common form of flood barrier comes within a burlap cloth (sandbags).

3. Flood Barriers must be made from a trusted technology.

Flood control Asia flood barriers.
GERMAN-MADE, FM CERTIFIED. German technology is one of the most trusted in the world. FCA flood barriers can boast of its high quality, since it isn’t just German-made; it’s also FM Certified.

So, which flood barrier is both leak-free and durable?

Flood barriers that are both leak-free and durable must be made from a trusted technology. Where else in the world can you find a trusted technology but in Germany?

Critics agree that Germany produces the best-engineered products in the world. For so long, we have been enjoying signature products from Germany like Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

The same goes for flood barriers. Those coming from Germany are of much-higher quality compared to those produced in other countries. This statement does not discredit products made elsewhere. Germany’s products are just “tried and tested”, considering that the German government spends much in research and development.

If you are living in the Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines (where flooding has a higher tendency), a company specializing in flood protection has established a base there.

Flood Control Asia RS (FCA), is a German-owned company that has installed more than 21,000 flood barriers over the world. These flood barriers have benefitted around 8,000 customers — all satisfied with the results.

A certification from the FM Approvals further increased the integrity of Flood Control Asia RS’ products. FM Approvals subjected the said flood barriers to a rigorous examination, proving their capacity to withstand both water pressure and destructive debris.

Want to see for yourself how Flood Control Asia RS passed FM Approvals’ tests? Check out this link

4. High-quality flood barriers must be user-friendly.

Person installing a flood barrier protection.
USER-FRIENDLY. FCA flood barriers are all user-friendly, as they can be deployed quite easily. The barriers can be deployed in a matter of minutes, literally without sweat.

So much for the pep talk; let’s now see if Flood Control Asia RS’ barriers will really work for ordinary guys.

In cases of severe flooding (or even in minor ones), people always consider the flood barriers’ ease of deployment. Of course, time is of great importance in emergency situations; otherwise, better stick to sandbagging.

Flood barriers from Flood Control Asia RS are easy to handle through they are made of aluminum plates. They can be deployed in a matter of minutes without requiring much manpower (unlike traditional methods).

Most importantly, these flood barriers can be modified to suit clients’ needs. Large entrances like those of underground parking spaces or malls can be fitted with mechanized flood barriers. These mechanized flood barriers are rigged with sensors that automatically work once a flood is detected. These barriers also work even in cases of power outage, as they are equipped with uninterrupted power supplies.

5. Should we talk about costs?

a person thinking of money and flood barriers.
THINKING OF INVESTMENTS? If you’re worrying of the flood barriers’ cost, better rest your mind. Any spending on the FCA barriers can be offset by the total protection these flood control system can provide.

With high quality comes high spending. Sounds good to you?

High-quality flood barriers are usually costly. Their prices are not entirely unreasonable, as they are created through reliable technology, using high-caliber materials.

Honestly speaking, flood barriers from Flood Control Asia RS may be a bit costly, but they can guarantee you with 100% protection. Compared to the cost of moving to a higher place or deploying sandbags, these flood barriers are surely more economical.


Because they can serve you for a long time. They need not be replaced unless a serious damage has been done to the aluminum plates — which is very unlikely. Considering the kind of of protection that these flood barriers can give you, it is a lot wiser to avail of them than to settle down with mediocre solutions!


Do you want uninterrupted business operations?

Do you want a peaceful sleep at night, with no worries for your family’s safety?

Do you want to get the most of your investments?

Then, avail of flood barriers that really work!