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How can Expensive Flood Protection Systems Help you Save Money?

February 13, 2018 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Can you really save on money when you spend a little more for that flood control barriers? Compare to the damages you might incurred when floodwaters hit your property, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

garage protected by rs flood barrier from flood

Saving money is always a wise choice especially in emergency situations. But will that money you saved from buying cheaper products might cost you more in the long run.

1. Cutting costs

Cutting costs is ideal if it saves the company money for other expenses. But your cost-cutting efforts can backfire if you opt to cut corners on the wrong things. There are several products and services that are worth paying a little more because the cheaper alternatives could cost you more in the long run.

hotels in manila bay flooded

In recent years, rains brought by the southwest monsoon – locally known as habagat – and enhanced by nearby storms have become more destructive than the previous storms in the past that enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). Take for example typhoon Ondoy in 2009 with international codename Ketsana which brought massive rainfall and caused severe flooding in Luzon, particularly in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

In just 9 hours, Ondoy dumped over a month’s volume of rain. The typhoon lasted for a few days, but the recovery from it was long, tough and to those directly affected, painful. Damage was estimated P11 billion.

Streets became rivers along with it are mud and debris. Cars floated like toy boats thus making roads inaccessible. Family possessions were destroyed. What took years for family to make their homes beautiful, it only took mere minutes for Ondoy to destroy them all.

It was a hard learned lesson for the Manila residents. They know that such unusual rainfall could happen again with now that climate change is real. Measures must be planned so not to repeat it. More properties are being built on what used to be flood catch basins and open spaces are being concreted over, removing the natural soak-aways that existed and clogging sewer systems with plastic garbage.

2. Why invest on flood control measures?

How can we eliminate or minimize such disasters? Browse the web and you’ll find a huge selection of flood control systems to choose from. While other companies advertise that their product is the cheapest, there is no guarantee to its quality. In the end, it is more expensive to maintain and repair those cheaper products.

flooded gasoline station

Choosing the right flood barrier systems will not only protect your property but also save from the hassle of repairing the barrier every time a flood occurs. It is ideal if it requires little maintenance. Another aspect is the system can be stored away after the flooding. Therefore access to the area is not restricted.

The right flood control system will help prevent if not minimize the flood damage to the machineries and equipment. It would eliminate the need of cleaning up the area of mud and debris left by the flood.

With most scientists speculating climate change is increasing the ferocity of storms, the cost-benefit ratio of building a flood control protection system makes sense.

Damage to property caused by flooding can run into millions of pesos not to mention the costs of cleaning up the mess. Whereas flood control protection not only divert the floodwaters away from your property and will give you a peace of mind.

3. Durability of the flood control barriers

For the durability of the product, it will actually save money because the materials are of higher quality. The metals used are made of galvanized steel and aluminum sheets are to prevent corrosion. They already have been standard tested and can withstand the immense water pressure.

Flood Control asia RS barrier installed

Flood control barriers are built to last and are guaranteed for years. Hence maintenance costs is minimal. The only thing required is to periodically check the rubber seals, otherwise known as compression plugs, for cracks. Whereas for sandbags are only good at least once. Also, the burden of disposing these bags once flooding is over.

Compared to other flood control measures like shoring and sandbagging it does not break down. It is lightweight enough for even one person can set it up in minutes. Along with the manual setup there is also the alternate choice of an automated system which can be pre-program.

Modern technology has improved the products to be more resistant to the elements. The modern flood barriers are more durable and more resistant to corrosion hence ensuring long life.

The old methods of setting up sandbags and wooden planks are no longer practical to hold back the flood waters. The sandbags are too cumbersome and wooden planks will not last against the floods.

4. Will it still fit the budget?

Acquiring a flood barrier system can be expensive but still it is better than losing your properties from the ravages of floods. Use the barriers for key areas where ingress and egress are located. It will minimize the costs. The walls of the area are effective enough to divert the floodwater.

flood control rs barrier installing

Finding cheaper alternative ways to protect your properties will not guarantee its safety. Don’t gamble with cheap alternatives when it comes to saving your equipment. What other forms of flood protection do you have? Leave your comments below.

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