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Are you flood ready?

February 21, 2020 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Time and again, preparedness has been regarded as one of the most important values a person can have. Being prepared and being ready has been the central principle of countless organizations, from scouting groups, public services, to heads of states. It is plain and simple a good value to hold.

Visualize yourself living near a river. Look beyond the relaxing sounds of rushing water. If you have been paying attention, then by now you would have already thought about the risks. Of course, there are risks to living anywhere whether by choice or by circumstance. In this case, preparing could mean taking note of rainfall in your area and perhaps the areas upstream too; to be ready in case the river overflows. Preparation may be tedious but without it, it could mean losing lives and valuable investments if you are caught with your pants down.

2020 has only proven this so far. From natural to health disasters, Southeast Asia has seen its share of bad times; it has also shown us the value of preparedness. The dry season may be upon us right now, but there is no better time than now to be ready for the wet season. It is the time to ask are you flood-ready?

Climate change will make victims out of the unprepared. Forecasts and predictions point to more intense rains happening more frequently. With the changing patterns in weather, the environment and infrastructure that we have now are not sufficiently capable of dealing with what is to come.

These days, no matter how high or low, it is important to be ready for any type of flooding. Even a low flood carries its own dangers now. Affecting structural and ground integrity, the dangers of electrocution, and most alarmingly chemical, pest, and animal waste mixing with flood water and infecting us are just some of the things we need to worry about to begin with. More complications come with higher floods like water pressure, debris, and the structural integrity of your shelter.

When you and your family’s lives are on the line, will you put your money on sandbags? When the home you built is threatened by flood, would you bet your life on unreliable and subpar quality protection?

High-quality Flood Barriers come in different shapes and sizes, figuratively speaking. There are different types that there is something for any entryway conventionally possible. There’s something for any height you need as well. High-quality flood barriers are tested and certified by international organizations to assure you that you are getting the protection you paid for.

Keep your investments safe and save yourself from preventable distress and unnecessary work that comes with being unprepared. It is time to take the next step! Consult a flood expert on what you need to protect yourself. Stop relying on band-aid measures like sandbags.

Ask yourself, are you flood-ready? If there is any doubt in your mind, that means there are more measures you can take. There is always more we can learn to be more prepared.

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