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1st Quarter Asia Weather Recap (2021) — How was Asia’s condition?

April 13, 2021 | Created by: Andreas Klippe | Comments

Natural disasters lashed some countries of Asia. Check out this region’s situation in this 1st Quarter Asia weather recap.

recap 1st quarter Asia weather

Some countries in Asia experienced natural disasters during the 1st quarter of 2021. Tropical storms, heavy monsoon rains, flooding, and sandstorm are some of the force majeure that happened in the said region. Let us have a brief 1st quarter Asia weather recap for 2021.



1st quarter Asia weather floods Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Syria flooding
Floods in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Syria

1 — Malaysia

Heavy rainfall affected 50,000 people in Malaysia. It affected people not only in the mainland of Malaysia but especially in the State of Sabah, which is located in the north of the island of Borneo. The torrential downpours caused widespread flooding that affected most of Sabah State. It also raised the river level above the danger mark. Six people, unfortunately, died in the incident.

2 — Thailand

The heavy rain is influenced by the Northeast monsoon and low-pressure area on the coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The four Thai provinces — located north of Malaysia and in the south of Thailand —  Songkhla, Yala, Narathiwat, and Pattani experienced the effects of heavy rain. The government opened evacuation sites as almost 60,000 households were affected. Three people died in the said flooding.

3 — Indonesia

Landslides, flash flooding, evacuation orders, electricity outages, telecommunication service, road access blockage, and damages to businesses and facilities happened when flooding struck Indonesia. Heavy rains were the cause of flooding that affected parts of South Kalimantan Province, covering most of the island of Borneo. At least 110,000 people were displaced and at least 15 people were killed in the incident.  

4 — Syria

Heavy storms caused flooding in North West Syria and severely affected a refugee camp. As a result, 62 camps were damaged or destroyed. 41,200 people have been affected, with tens of thousands of people scattered to find shelter. 


1st quarter Asia weather floods in the Philippines, Northern India, and Indonesia
Flooding in the Philippines, India, and Indonesia

1 — Philippines

Tropical storm Dujuan made its initial landfall over the Dinagat Islands, Eastern Samar, and Leyte area. Maximum winds up to 65 km per hour and gusts of up to 80 km/h. Two regions were hit by the storm including the country’s nickel mining hub in Caraga. Also, houses and bridges in Surigao del Sur were damaged, at least 36 domestic flights were cancelled and ferry trips were suspended, too. 52,400 people were moved to 330 evacuation sites during the typhoon.

2 — India

A piece of Himalayan glacier fell into a river and sent floodwaters crashing through the Dhauliganga river valley in Northern India. Two power plants were buried and roads and bridges were swept away. During the incident, 125 people were missing and seven died.  

3 — Indonesia 

Heavy monsoon rains in Jakarta brought high muddy waters to the city. Many cars were almost entirely submerged as a result of the flooding. To keep themselves safe, 1,000 people fled their homes. 

MARCH 2021

1st quarter Asia weather Natural disasters in Northern China, Mongolia, Beijing, and Pakistan
Sandstorm in China and Flooding in Pakistan

1 — Northern China, Mongolia, and Beijing

12 provinces in Northern China were covered with yellow sand and dust. Outdoor activities were suspended and the people took protective measures as China’s National Meteorological Centre issued a “yellow sandstorm warning” on Monday morning.  

2 — Pakistan

Two people died as heavy rain and thunderstorm hit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Northern Pakistan. Around 50 houses, one school, and 6 buildings have been fully or partially destroyed. Around 50 people died and hundreds of homes have been damaged by the floods. 


And that was the recap for the 1st quarter of Asia weather. Yes, it was just the first quarter of the year yet, different natural disasters already struck Asia. Take note that many of these disasters include flooding.

Flooding can be an effect of heavy monsoon rains, typhoons, and in India’s case, a fall of a glacier. Many people are not really thinking about heavy rains, typhoons, and floods right now because hey, it’s summer.

Many people are not really thinking about heavy rains, typhoons, and floods right now because hey, it’s summer.*

*This blog is written in April 2021 corresponding to summertime in many parts of Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately, as much as we do not want it to happen, the rain will start pouring over our heads as we move towards the middle of the year. 

Good thing, many people from around the world did not wait for floods to overcome them. They overcame floods with effective, efficient, and German-engineered technology.

The following are some of the people and businesses in Asia who flood-protected their properties:

1 — Muntinlupa, Philippines

One resident from Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines protected his house with RS Demountable Flood Barriers after flood induced by heavy monsoon rains damaged his residence and some of his luxurious cars.

demountable barriers as flood defense for residence
Flood protection for a homeowner’s residence

2 — Rizal, Philippines

Arnell Ignacio, a popular TV and radio personality in the Philippines, also protected his residence in Cainta, Rizal, the Philippines to keep it safe against flooding. His place is considered a catch-basin of rain coming from the Sierra Madre areas.

demountable flood barriers for flood barriers for residence
Flood protection for a popular TV and radio personality’s residence

3 — Cavite, Philippines

One of the most famous mall chains in the Philippines, SM Bacoor, installed RS Demountable Flood Barriers at its entrances. Before this, the mall used sandbags and metal covers as a solution to flooding but to no avail.

SM Bacoor demountable flood barriers as flood defense
Flood protection for SM Bacoor in Cavite, Philippines

4 — Clark, Pampanga, Philippines

The office of the Clark Investors and Locators Association (CILA), located in a sloped terrain and surrounded by establishments sitting on higher grounds was submerged in ankle-deep floodwater. The office was protected with RS Demountable Flood  Barriers to prevent any interruption caused by flooding.  

demountable flood barriers as flood protection for business office
Flood protection for CILA office in Pampanga, Philippines

5 — Singapore

A heavy rail rapid transit system in Singapore was protected with RS Demountable Flood Barriers after a tunnel flooding in 2017. The flooding, which was caused by heavy rain and a faulty maintenance pump, suspended many transportation services.

demountable flood barriers as flood protection in Singapore MRT
Flood protection for an MRT in Singapore

6 — Tai O River, Hong Kong

A fishing village in Hong Kong, which is prone to flooding, was secured with RS Demountable Flood Barriers. The villagers in this area have long been impacted by fluvial and pluvial flooding so flood barriers were installed around to secure the village from any similar incidents.

demountable barriers as flood protection for Tai-O River
Flood protection for riverside in Hong Kong

7 — Doha, Qatar

The Doha Education City in Qatar was flood-proofed with RS Demountable Flood Barriers and INEROTM Mobile Flood Barriers. Flood protection systems were installed around the 11 buildings inside the Education City. This is after floods induced by heavy rain damaged many buildings in the city.

INERO™ Mobile Flood Barriers as flood protection for Doha Education City
Flood protection for Doha Education City in Doha, Qatar


As we move towards the middle of 2021, I think that we have to prepare ourselves for upcoming flooding situations. These flooding situations can be much worse than what we read in the 1st quarter Asia weather recap above mentioned.

We know, and the experts have kept on repeating, that the worsening climate change can bring worse typhoons. 

And worse typhoons can bring flooding. 

These flooding situations can be much worse than what we read in the 1st quarter Asia weather recap above mentioned.

Flooding is not a new phenomenon and has been experienced since time immemorial. The problem, however, is that every year, floods seem to get worse and worse. In 2020, difficult flooding situations were experienced by the people in the Southeast Asian region.

Because of this worsening condition, traditional methods of flood protection that used to work for many people no longer do their job. In the past, people use sandbags as flood protection; however, sandbags are prone to damage, are expensive, and are not durable at all.

Likewise, some people bring their properties to a higher level of their house. This procedure works on ankle-knee deep water but images of the flooding in 2020 show that typhoons can already induce heavy floodwaters that level the waist and over the head.


Worse flood situations need better flood solutions. German flood solutions are engineered to protect residences, buildings, industries, and critical infrastructures. You can trust these flood protection barriers for the following features: 

  1. Made of lightweight marine-grade aluminum, hot-dipped galvanized, or stainless steel. 
  2. Can be as high as 4 meters (almost twice the height of the basketball player Lebron James!)
  3. Can be operated manually, automatically, or semi-automatically. 
  4. Come with seals and membranes that prevent leakage from the opening or the seams of the walls or grounds.

These flood barriers are made to last for 50 years or more! The return of investment is immediate that you get it on the first flooding.

RS Demountable Flood Barriers installed at a residence

Using flood barriers can guard properties against the devastating effects of floods that we may experience in a few months from now. We surely do not want to experience flooding like what was mentioned in the 1st quarter Asia weather recap above.

We need to be more prepared for the coming months. And preparation should start today.

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